The Steering Committee (SC) is the decision-making body within the project for all significant project issues. It is chaired by the project coordinator and participate all the WP Leaders. Practically is a joint panel between Technical and Scientific Panel (TSP), Demonstration Panel (DP) and Advisory Board (AB) chaired by the Project Coordinator (PC).
The Steering Committee is responsible for the project and the daily management is delegated to the Project Coordinator and the Project Management Team. The Steering Committee consists of the WP leaders and is chaired by the Project Coordinator. Members will meet at each project meeting and every three months and will stay in regular contact during all the project duration. When required, telephone or video conferences will be organised in between regular meetings.
The Steering Committee is responsible for:

  • Monitoring all activities towards the general and working objectives of the project;
  • Agreement on the working program and the interaction between the WP as well as amendments to the work program;
  • Ensuring the mutual input of WP and its coordination;
  • Publication, distributing and updating the working rules of the project. Agreement on possible changes and adjustments in work packages, time-lines, consortium composition and budget allocations; submission of the agreed proposal to the General Assembly for the final decision;
  • Approval of agenda for project meetings;
  • Approval of agenda and programs for regional workshops and the final conference;
  • Coordination of steering and quality assurance efforts with the Advisory Board;
  • Other issues of research, discussion and dissemination of project results.

Every partner should respect and execute the decisions of the Steering Committee.