The Advisory Board (AB) is an independent group composed by external experts and potential end-user chaired by the Project Coordinator (PC) aiming to give guidelines and expert advices to the project in order to maximize the impact of the project results. The Advisory Board will be constituted by 3 independent members nominated by the Coordinator in agreement with the EU Project Officer and it will meet three times during the project life time and at the End User Workshop.
The Advisory Board will meet separately and interact with the project being part of the Steering Committee.
The PC will make sure that the conclusions of the AB meetings are adequately taken into consideration in the decision making process during the project. Members of the AB will also be consulted individually on special aspects. Advisory Board members have been proposed by all the project partners and include experts of interdisciplinary domains relevant to the goals of the project.
The Advisory Board responsibilities include:

  • overseeing quality of project deliverables (internal evaluation in a form of peer-reviews) when required;
  • advising and assistance on the dissemination, international discussion and promotion of project results;
  • securing loyalty toward the project and confidentiality with regard to unpublished project deliverables and drafts.

ITACA’s Advisory Board is composed by: